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Craig is a wonderful videographer. At my wedding, he was not only extremely professional but so nice to have there. He was extremely friendly to all the guests and family. He also took so much footage that was excellent. I love having the video to see my wedding over again. Also, the short clip that he did was wonderful. It captured each part of the wedding and made people feel like they were there again. Thanks so much Craig!
Jessica W.

My Wife and I hired Craig to be the videographer at our wedding this past August 2013. He was extremely friendly, professional and very easy to work with. Less than a month following our event, Craig had already created a highlight video for us and we were thrilled with it. Accompanied with the music of our choice he managed to capture the full feel of our day in this short video. Before the wedding we were unsure if we should get a videographer for the wedding but we are so happy that we did and that we went with Craig.
Danny M.

Craig was AMAZING after everything that could of went wrong that day Craig was perfect. Very professional and courteous and would recommend EVERYTIME
Ced B.

Craig was the videographer for my wedding. he did an excellent job. He was on time and had a smile on his face the whole time. He was never in our face but managed to get great shots. We just saw our trailer and loved it. I cant wait to see the final version. Getting a videographer was a last minute decision and i am thrilled that I did! I would recommend Craig to anyone looking for a videographer.
Lisa M.

Craig, thanks so much again for all the hard work you did! I love the video! Great job! I too can’t wait to see the full length version! I shared it on my timeline & you should go there & see what I wrote also. Thanks so much again!!! I know I hid it pretty well, but the truth is I HAD A BLAST!!!! And I’m pretty sure everyone else did too!
Mel S.

Working with Craig was a great experience. He is very punctual, dedicated, patient and enthusiastic. His love for what he does shows in his work and it makes for ever lasting memories! I would totally recommend Craig for any special occasion!
Leida P.

When I heard of Craig’s services i was unsure of hiring him or anyone for my daughter’s sweet 16 party but it was the best decision I made. Craig is very professional and he made my family and me feel very comfortable. Almost felt as he wasn’t there. We had many glitches and he continuously made me feel the assurance that everything would be okay. No other videographer/photographer was as patient as he was. He worked with us until the end and was very accommodating. That’s what I call a professional! I can’t wait to see our highlight reel and final video. I trust he will give us an unforgettable memory keep sake for life! I would definitely recommend his services to my family and friends!
Lidietty T.

I am a professional photographer. Craig was hired to do the video for a client of mine. He showed up early. Was professional. Very friendly as well. His videos speak for themselves! I am thrilled to have found him and very much looking forward to working with him again in the future.
Jason G.

I am blown away by Craig Rappaport. He is a true artist, a hopeful romantic, and a mensch. His heart is huge, and he went way above and beyond for our wedding. First of all, after hearing my story about being a stage 4 cancer thriver (in massive debt from medical bills not covered by insurance), and marrying a man I had been friends with and secretly in love with for 20 years, he offered us an amazing deal on videography for our wedding. We had no budget, and the wedding was made possible by donations from family and friends, so we weren’t sure we’d be able to hire a videographer. Craig’s attitude was delightful, and he even drove from Long Island to Brooklyn to meet with me and my fiance’. We were instantly crazy about him as a person. We spoke to him in detail about what was going to happen at our wedding ceremony and reception, and what moments we wanted to capture. He contacted the still photographer we had hired and happily participated in a video conference call with him, to make sure they were on the same page. He contacted the DJ for the wedding to discuss the audio set-up. And I told him there would be some celebrities there and a photographer from the New York Times, so he knew he had to take that into account too. Everything was going great, and I felt confident about choosing him to film our magical event. Then, the worst thing happened. A few days before the wedding, he broke his collar bone and contacted me from the hospital. I felt terrible that he was in pain, and I was devastated that I no longer had a videographer for my wedding. There was no way I could get a replacement with such short notice, at the discount he offered. Well, within 24 hours, Craig managed to find 2 shooters to replace him, and he explained to them in detail what shots and angles we wanted. Then after the wedding, he edited together a phenomenal highlight reel, using only his left hand, since his right arm was in a sling. It took him far longer to accomplish, since he’s right-handed, but he didn’t want to wait until he had completely recovered from his injury. Every detail of the reel, from the graphics to the music to the effects, was crafted with enormous love and technical expertise. He truly managed to capture the uniqueness of our wedding, as a masterful storyteller. I would recommend Craig to anyone who wants their special event to be captured by someone with endless enthusiasm who makes it his mission to turn the footage into a work of art. We are overflowing with gratitude for you, Craig. You’re part of our family now!
Suzanne W.

Craig and his team are true film makers. As an entertainer, I have interacted with over 500 so called cinematographers over the years. I have seen a select few that I endorse and Craig from That’s A Wrap Productions is one of the elite! As I performed I observed his attention to detail as he always found new angles and used his artistic creativity to make the film unique for the client. On top of producing fantastic work, he is extremely considerate to the other professionals which makes him someone who you will feel very comfortable hiring as he works great with others. So many time professionals are only concerned with their particular service. Not so is the case with Craig. And That’s A Wrap!
Fresh New Angle Events V.

Craig was the ultimate professional and a lot of fun to work with. He was with us the entire day from 7am at my house, then to pictures at Westbury gardens through the very end of the reception. He worked alongside our photographer getting great video and pictures. We just received our highlight video, which is absolutely wonderful. We were able to share it with friends and family on Facebook. Craig set the highlights to our chosen songs and captured our special moments perfectly. I’m so glad we chose Craig for our wedding videographer. I highly recommend Craig for your special day.
William S.

Craig was an outstanding videographer!!! He was fun and very personable!!!! I can’t wait to see our video reel and our actual video!!! We were very happy with Craig and if we ever need another videographer again, we know exactly who to call!!!
Amanda B.

My husband and I recently hired That’s A Wrap Productions as our wedding videographer, and we couldn’t be happier!!

Craig is really great at what he does. His professionalism and attitude were amazing. From the beginning of his coverage in the hair salon and pre-wedding video at my mothers home during makeup, we knew we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Craig was easy to work with and organized with all the awesome equipment, and he really had great ideas for us to try. It’s so comforting to let a professional do what one does and know you’re going to love the result!

At our wedding ceremony, cocktail hour & reception Craig was always at the ready getting great video of every part of our event (without ever being in the way!) I know he also got lots of great footage of details we didn’t even know about. Throughout the days celebrations Craig always asked us to try a few fun ideas that would make cool additions to our wedding film (like a bride and grooms take on the Harlem Shake, a tug of war by the bridal party to stop a bride and groom kiss, and a reverse single ladies pose with the groom just to name a few!) . We were impressed that he really cared about making our video amazing!

Listen up people! Craig is very talented, and you can tell he really loves what he does.

100% recommended!!!

Katherine F.

Craig and That’s A Wrap Productions videoed my son’s bar mitzvah. He was professional during the entire shoot, and throughout the event was not intrusive at all. The highlight reel he made was amazing. He is responsive, and very open to feedback. I strongly recommend working with Craig!
Amy G.

Working with Craig was a great experience. He was very professional, accommodating, patient and really had a great attention to detail. I’m really happy to have worked with such a talented videographer. He gets 5 stars for being outstanding!
Harry H.

My wife, myself and my son hired Craig for our son’s Bar Mitzvah Celebration. We made the decision more than 6 months in advance.

From the first minute we met Craig, we knew we had found the right professional and artistic videographer. Maybe it’s Craig’s engaging personality or maybe it was his genuine interest in helping us make the best possible video of the party, either way, we scored tremendously when we hired Craig.

Craig is really great at what he does. His professionalism and attitude were amazing. From the beginning of his coverage at the Services in the morning to the video at our home during preparations in the afternoon, we knew we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Craig was easy to work with and organized with all the awesome equipment, and he really had great ideas for us to try.

At the Bar Mitzvah Ceremony, cocktail hour & reception Craig was always at the ready getting great video of every part of our event (without ever being in the way!) I know he also got lots of great footage of details we didn’t even know about.

Strongly recommend …. 100%!

Richard W.

My company hired Craig to film an educational video highlighting instructional technology in the classroom. Craig was not only extremely accommodating, but listened to all of our specific needs and requirements. He was was able to adjust his schedule last minute to fit our company’s timeline and scope for the project. He had a great attitude and creative touch. He delivered a professional and high quality video within our tight timeline. I would definitely hire him again for future projects!
Susie A.

Wow, Craig just did our son’s bar mitzvah yesterday and I can’t rave enough about his work. His presence was seamless as he worked his way around the party. So professional with the adults and related to the kids. At one point I was nervous that the kids would not have enough to do during the cocktail party and next thing I see is that Craig acted as the Pied Piper and I see all the kids following him making a music video. Wow! Above and beyond what was required to complete the job. Craig went over the top! Thank you and can’t wait to see the footage.
Bob K.

The most amazing videographer ever loved my wedding reel, he was so patient and got so much footage i recommended him to my friends. So happy i found him. Outstanding i couldn’t have made a better choice.
Tammy M.

When I moved from New York to North Carolina and relocated my videography business, I passed along my remaining clients to Craig. I am proud to say that they were left in the greatest of hands. Craig is five stars not only as a videographer, but also as a person. You will never come across a better videographer for your wedding, Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, business, you name it than him. He is fully dedicated to immortalizing your special day or business through beautiful, moving, cinematic videos while patiently and proudly working with you from beginning to end. I cannot highly recommend him enough. In fact, to this day, when my old clients request my services again or when potential new clients from the Tri-State Area request my services for the first time, without hesitation, I refer them all to Craig.
Ken L.

Craig was AMAZING from start to finish! His professionalism, expertise, thoroughness, accommodation and quality of video is top notch and you will not be disappointed! He captures so much joy and emotion in the video, it is absolutely stunning. If you’re questioning whether or not a videographer is “worth the money”, I can tell you that if you hire Craig it will be worth EVERY penny! A video is one of the only things at your special event that you will be able to cherish forever and will allow you to relive it over and over again. Not only is Craig such an amazing videographer but he is also such a fun and friendly person and I can’t thank him enough for helping to make so many beautiful memories.
Lauren R.

Craig really went the extra mile in capturing our fun amazing moments at my daughter’s Leah Ba-Mitzvah. Without us requesting he met us on a separate photo shoot day to get video. He had great suggestions to make our video that much better. He was very professional while being fun and engaging. I highly recommend him for your next event.
Kevin R.

Craig was above and beyond amazing!! He completely surpassed all of our expectations! Throughout this entire wedding planning process, he was without a doubt the easiest step, and we are so happy we chose him. From the first moment we met him, we could tell how passionate he is about his work. He arrived early, stayed late (without even being asked) and did all of this with a huge smile on his face. He even went to my now husband’s house (he started at mine) the morning of to get some shots of his bridal party so he could capture the entire day. He had everyone laughing, and we didn’t even notice him on the dance floor (he’s like a ninja!). I cannot recommend That’s A Wrap enough and I promise, you will not be disappointed!!
Monique B.

Although I have not seen the final product yet (it’s only been days since my event) “that’s a wrap” productions was exactly what we ordered. they were on time, friendly, professional and most importantly we wanted videographers that were present but not in our faces the entire time. I’m excited to review the final product in the weeks to come!
Luba S.

Craig was very easy to work with. He was a lot of fun on our wedding day and made us look like movie stars in our wedding highlight reel! We can’t wait to see the full video. I have tears of joy in my eyes after watching our reel! Thank you for capturing the best day of our lives!
Heather N.

Craig helped by making my daughter feel comfortable and relaxed, before during and after the Sweet 16 Party. He actually went above and beyond to make sure the pictures and Video were up to the best standards. He takes his work personal. His energy and professionalism was outstanding. He instantly nested with us. To him it’s not just a job it’s an art. I would recommend him. He shows up early and is meticulous with his work. His creativity when taking video and pictures is phenomenal. Him and his partner, He made a hectic day go easier for us. Thank you so much.
Analuisa V.

I had my wedding on May 22nd, 2014 and I used ADA studio as my photography and I requested Craig as my Videographer and my wedding was in Riverhead, New York at an Aquarium. He arrived early to set-up, meet with me and get all of his equipment prepared. He his very professional, creative, imaginative and caring with his work. He knows what he is doing and he was there hours before the wedding started up until the very end of the wedding celebration. I was extremely impressed with how well the highlights of my wedding came out and once I receive my actual I am confident that it will equally as good if not better. Craig went above and beyond my expectations and I didn’t have to worry about anything. I had amazing time and I would most definitely recommend using his services.
Kevin D.

That’s a Wrap Productions was a great company to work with. They were very professional, hard working, and they were really fun to work with on the wedding date. I would recommended them to anybody who is expecting the highest of quality in video services for their wedding!
Craig W.