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Drone Upgrade

Adding aerial cinematography adds an extra dynamic that you just can’t get from the ground.  With the drone upgrade, you’ll be able to see your entire venue, as well as get unique and interesting angles of yourselves and your guests. 

Engagement Film

There’s more to love than just a wedding day. We really enjoy spending time with our couples and showcasing what makes their love unique. This upgrade adds a lot of personality into your wedding trailer and full length features. Watch how we can really showcase who you two are and what you are all about.

GoPro Upgrade

That’s A Wrap Productions was the first vendor in the area to incorporate GoPro cameras into event packages. We  provide your Bridal Party with cameras on the event date, which allows us to get a behind-the-scenes look. You’ll be able to see the party from the the BP’s vantage point without missing anything. You can watch the bride walking down the aisle, how the bridal party entered the reception hall, how they danced the entire night, and how much fun they had at your wedding. There will be no more missed moments! Your wedding video will truly show the essence of your wedding.

Honeymoon Upgrade

Have you ever wanted to take amazing pictures and videos on your honeymoon but didn’t feel like spending additional money to purchase high end equipment? Well, we’ve created a package so that you can take our GoPros, which film and photograph in 4K with you on your amazing once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Strap on the chest cam and take it with you para-sailing. Clip on the head accessory with the waterproof casing and go snorkeling. The memories you capture will be your very own. With this package, you get a Honeymoon Teaser Film (3-5 minutes long) as well as having your honeymoon highlights included in your full length feature.

Save the Date Film

The save the date for your wedding does not need to be a simple throw-away card. We will work with you to produce a personalized and memorable announcement video.