Personal Reviews

Brianne and Scott 7/27/2021

I loved watching my friends’ wedding movie and highlight reel that Craig filmed. I knew we would be hiring Craig and his team to capture our wedding day. He was so supportive throughout the pandemic. He did a touching engagement video as the world was opening back up and got to know us. He captured our personalities and relationship so well. During our wedding, his humor and energy kept us and our wedding party laughing and smiling throughout the morning. He got our MOH and best man involved and pumped to carry / wear the go-pro, and we can’t wait to see that footage! We got rave reviews of Craig and his team from our family. Our video and photo teams worked seamlessly.

Dyasia and Keema 8/13/2021

Let me tell you !!! On the exact day of my vow renewal i had been still looking for a videographer! And on that same day Craig was able to come out and make it all happen for me !!! I am forever grateful to have such an important event in my life recorded for memories to share later!! The quality was superb and His professionalism was amazing ! Thank you soo much!

Shannon and Frank 5/29/2021

We met Craig at a wedding expo and my now husband kept asking to go back to his booth! His personality makes you feel so comfortable no matter how shy you are. He has such a unique perspective on shots. Our entire bridal party was amazed with all the go pros and had a blast using them! He even had the brilliant idea to put a go pro on the dog when she walked down the aisle. We cannot wait to see the final product but are sure it’s absolutely stunning!

Jordan and Taylor 1/14/2021

Stumbling upon Craig and his team at That’s A Wrap Productions, was without a doubt one of the best things that could have fallen into place during our wedding vendor searches! The final outcomes of his filming are great hits! Craig always make the best of any situation and takes so much pride, as he should, in making sure the big day is everything you wanted and more. He makes the personal yet still professional connections with his clients so that they are fully comfortable relying on him to make sure  everything runs smooth no matter what comes up! His commitment to making it the best day possible, was fulfilled from all aspects. I have no concern in recommending his services or using them for any future needs. Thanks Again!

Alexandra and Michael 8/14/2020

Craig is the best of the best. Not only talented but beyond generous and flexible. As my plans for my covid wedding kept changing, Craig never skipped a beat. Icing on the cake- he was able to get us our sneak peak within days! His creativity, electric personality, and immense talent are perfect for any wedding. At this point Craig has become part of the family as he has now videoed my wedding, my sisters, and my sister-in-laws. Thank you Craig for everything!

Annie and Matthew 1/21/2020

I cannot begin to explain how amazing Craig was throughout our entire wedding process. He is so creative, passionate and amazing at his job! Craig’s infectious energy throughout the day kept our entire family and friends laughing!! I would HIGHLY recommend him and his team! 5 stars!!!!!

Ashley and Nick 12/2/2019

I would absolutely recommend That’s A Wrap Productions for any video needs! Craig and his team go above and beyond expectations! If it wasn’t for him I don’t think my wedding would have gone the way it did! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! – The Delands

Danielle and AJ 11/7/2019

I absolutely recommend That’s A Wrap Productions, truly one of the BEST vendors my husband and I were lucky to have. We saw Craig’s incredible work and spirit at my husband’s sister’s wedding where I proceeded to watch their wedding trailer every week for a year because it warmed my heart in more ways than one. I am now so HAPPY to have my own that’s a wrap productions trailer that brought me to instant tears because not only is the work creative and beautiful but it captured what I felt was the best part of my big day with the candids and laughter throughout our family and friends. The work absolutely speaks for itself but if you haven’t met Craig I will speak for him because yes there are many videographers that do great work, BUT what they do not all bring to the table (which Craig does) is his hysterical laugh that brings everyone to a smile, his relief comedy to which made the most wound up bride enjoying every minute of photos and videos. He is a great person to have by your side on your big day because he will capture all of the beauty but also support you and humor you to remind you that your wedding day is suppose to be FUN and to enjoy it. Thank you That’s A Wrap Productions for being OUT OF THIS WORLD- We love you Craig and are so thankful and appreciative of your work. Thankful to have these videos for a lifetime.

Brianna and Billy 9/27/2019

Can not say enough good things about Craig and his team! They we’re an absolute pleasure to work with! Our wedding party even talks about how easy they made it to feel comfortable in front of the camera! And EVERYONE cant stop talking about our video! I promise you won’t regret booking with them!

Nicole and Peter 9/11/2019

I can not say enough great things about Craig and that’s a wrap productions. That’s a wrap was the first vendor I booked almost 2 years out from my wedding and it is the best decision we have ever made. Through the whole process Craig has been so great and answered all questions we had. Their team is so professional and makes you feel so comfortable behind the camera. I cannot recommend that’s a wrap enough for your wedding video!!

Lisa and Peter 10/18/2018

We met Craig at a bridal expo in January, just a little over 6 months to our wedding. His laugh and energy immediately drew us in and right then and there, my husband and I knew Craig had to be our videographer! Thank goodness he had our date available and we were lucky enough to have him. Throughout the entire process, Craig was extremely professional, lots of fun, high energy, and was stoked to be working with us just as much as we were with him. He drove the 2 hours out to see us to do our engagement video at good ole Camp Hero in Montauk, NY to get to know the lay of the land for our big day. The final weeks leading up to the wedding, Craig was super responsive to any request, and ready to work alongside our photographer. Our first look location changed several times and he was able to determine whether any of these areas were ‘no fly’ zones with the drone. On the day of, Craig and Stephan video-ed all those important, and little details so that we are able to remember all those small and large wedding details for years to come! We are so stoked at the teaser video we have, we cannot wait for the full length! Craig and his team will not disappoint, they will capture every moment, and make your day incredibly special. As a side note, we didn’t even realize they were around during the reception, he kept such a low profile! Thank you Craig for helping my memory during these big moments in my life….I will certainly be able to hold on to them now for forever!

Kelly and Kasey 1/11/2018

All I can say is WOW!!!! That’s a Wrap Productions NEVER ceases to amaze us! You can tell in everything they do that this is not just something that they do for money but something they truly love and are passionate about. They are the definition of the quote “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!” From the first time we sat down with Craig to the engagement shoot (which my husband and I thought we would feel so awkward doing but of course Craig makes you feel like celebrities) to the wedding and after, we could not imagine what it would be like if we chose anyone else to be our cinematographer. Our wedding guests could not stop talking about how amazing they were/are. Craig and his crew’s personality makes you and everyone around feel excited, like a million bucks, and at ease all at the same time. To be honest, I booked my venue around their opening that’s how amazing i thought their work was. I have received my wedding trailer and it far exceeded any of my expectations and was the most beautiful video i’ve ever seen. I can only imagine how amazing my full length video will be. Not to mention, 3 of my friends have already booked them for their weddings! If you don’t have That’s a Wrap Productions as part of your wedding then you are doing it all wrong! We are so happy we chose such an amazing company that turned into friends! #dronelife

Jamie and Keith 11/11/2017

You’ve tried the rest now try the best. You’ve got enough decisions to make about your wedding, I’ll save you the time on who should be your videographer. Without a question, you should go with That’s a Wrap Productions. Owner  and head videographer Craig Rappaport will work his butt off to make sure you have a video that you will look forward to watching for the rest of your lives. Craig doesn’t just get the great shots, angles, highlights synched to music, smooth edits, but he also takes the time to get to know his couples, and it shows in the video. Our personalities shine through in our video, and Craig will make sure that yours does too. He’ll always make himself available if you have any questiosn or ideas. Craig is a technology fiend, and a drone master pilot. That’s a Wrap is one vendor you can really count on. If you’re at all on the fence, feel free to message me and I can share more about our experience with That’s a Wrap Productions.

Jackie and Peter 1/3/2018

We weren’t even going to have a videographer at our wedding, but I saw a friend’s wedding trailer that Craig had done and I knew we needed to add him to our vendor list ASAP!  From our first meeting with him, he was professional and enthusiastic, and on the day of our wedding he went above and beyond!  He really listened to what we wanted to see in our video, while still incorporating his style that makes his videos wow-worthy!!!  It was an absolute pleasure to work with Craig and his team.  I’ve been highly recommending him to all of my friends and family getting married!

Gina and Don 10/1/2016

My husband met with Craig at a bridal showcase that I was unable to make it to due to work.  We had already agreed that whomever we picked to be our photographer, we would make it a one stop shop.  And they would get both photo’s and video.  So when my husband called me right after leaving Craig’s table and told me all about Craig, the company, and that I had to look it up because he really wanted to try to book That’s A Wrap Productions.  I looked up everything I could about the company, and was amazed at all the reviews.  As well as all the videos.  I fell in love with his work right there and than.  He truly has a talent of making the love that a couple has for one another pop on film.  We made an appointment with him that day.  And we are both so glad that we did.  The best part of the meeting, was that it felt like we were meeting up with an old friend at Starbucks.  We lost 3 hours of time, and it only felt like moments had passed.  Before leaving there we set everything in motion and he told us that he would be in touch when everything was ready to be signed.  However, when Craig called about signing the contracts I felt bad because it was the night of my son’s birthday, and I did not want to take away from him that night.  So, Craig told me that he would come to us, and he did.  He showed up just in time to sing Happy birthday with us, had himself a Spider-man cupcake, and let him open his gifts first.  When we were done with the celebrating, then and only than would Craig start to discuss business with us. Craig is always a step ahead, and goes over and beyond.  He worked with us every step of the way.  We truly enjoyed everything we did with him.  Our engagement shoot was like nothing we had ever experienced before.  He made it a memorable one for us.  And I loved that he incorporated my son into everything we did.  I love the fact that he called ahead to our DJ and Photographer to introduce himself, so they did not feel like strangers the day of the wedding.  I do know there were some problems on my photographer’s end.   The morning of the wedding Craig arrived early, had breakfast with us and was ready to get the party started with us!  We all had a great time, while he got everything done that he wanted to nice and early.  When it was brought to my attention that my photographer was late, and was not in sight to either house, Craig was right there with plan B ready to go.  He was all set to call in another shooter for us, and was going to grab his other camera and card as was all set to take still’s for me for the day at no extra cost.  He is the perfect person for the job.  You can tell that he loves what he does, because it shows thru and thru.  He is as professional as they come, but you have also have a great time with him too.  We fell in love with the trail the second we saw it , and watch it over and over again till this day.  We cannot wait for the final video.  I know it is going to be amazing.  He truly made our special day unforgettable, just by being there.  Thank you so much for illuminating the best day of our lives, and truly capturing 3 lives turn into 1 family.  It was an amazing and memorable experience to work with you and your team.  We cannot wait to have another event to have you at.  We walked in looking at a cinematographer, starting at a stranger.  We left with a life long friend.  We love you Craig, and cannot thank you enough.  So, thank you again Craig Rappaport, and the rest of the team at That’s A Wrap Productions.  I cannot recommend them enough.  Trust me you will not ne disappointed, I can promise you that.  Just be aware, he can “pop-up” anywhere, at any given time, and you wont know he is there filming away. 

Lindsey and Peter 8/5/2017

Need video??? Run don’t walk, to see Craig at THAT’S A WRAP PRODUCTIONS (Bellmore, NY). One word… wow!!!

To be honest, I’m not really one to write reviews. Time is short, and after a year and half of wedding planning, here’s to decompressing! But…. this guy truly deserves it, so time to put the fingers to the keys! I can’t say enough good things about Craig and the company, but can only persuade you to schedule a meeting and see for yourself. His prices are fair and reasonable, his effort is unreal, and the quality is excellent. But that’s not what makes Craig the tops….

What makes Craig the best is his character and dedication. Aside from being one of the funniest, cheesebally-est, chill guys around (think Jason Biggs meets….Mark Zuckerberg??), he only wants to make you happy. C’mon, what could be better than a vendor going out of his way to think of EVERYTHING on your big day?? He has all the coolest gadgets and gizmos, like high-end cameras and drones, to go-pros that he hides everywhere to get some amazing perspectives! He hid them in my maid of honor’s bouquet, my best man’s jacket, and even suited up my dog with one for her walk down the aisle (doggy cam).

As wedding planning progressed, and we met with Craig more and more, I realized how lucky we were to have discovered him (at a showcase). Dealing with That’s A Wrap was such a different and more personal experience than any other vendor we worked with. I secretly (or not so secretly) think my husband wants to be his BFF. I’ll never forget the sense of calm I felt when Craig popped his head through the door at the start of my wedding day. His ideas are amazing and I can see him going far. Grab him now before he’s taken!

Oh yea… turn around time is fast and he even made us some awesome still shots from the video that were different from anything we received from our photographer… BONUS!

Family Sessions:

Diana and Matthew 11/12/2020

Craig is a cinematographer and photographer like no other. His enthusiasm and work ethic is a match for anyone who appreciates quality product and creativity, all while making you laugh. He will keep your kids’ attention and you won’t even feel like you’re doing a photo shoot. No stiffly posed pics for this guy! I truly wish I would have met Craig 14 years ago when I got married, because after seeing his work, I would never hire anyone else to shoot such an important day. He will not miss a beat. Looking forward to our next family session!

Regina and Frank 9/21/2020

Craig and Marianna were fantastic! Our three children enjoyed the shoot and smiled and laughed throughout! Before this shoot I would have told you that that is not possible but these pros proved it can be done. What more can a parent hope for. Amazing drone footage, natural smiles, and an all around positive experience. Thank you for capturing our family so well! We’ll cherish the video and images for sure!!! We highly recommend booking with That’s A Wrap Productions!!!

Commercial Reviews:

Marissa 9/19/21

We utilized Craig and his team to shoot and edit our videos for Rolling River Day Camp this past summer.  Craig was absolutely fantastic to work with and he was a crucial member of our media team.  Not only were his shots beautifully filmed but he edited the clips in an extremely timely fashion.  In only a short eight weeks, he filmed, edited and distributed over 25 videos to our thousands of social media followers, camp families and staff.  He is also very energetic and brought numerous great ideas to the team.  I would highly recommend That’s a Wrap Productions for any event videography needs!

AnnMarie, Thomas Cataldo Sr., Tom Cataldo Jr., Cristina Cataldo 8/12/2021

This guy is the best !  He does such great work. From the day we met on our Foodie Card TV shoot Craig Rappaport has become our go to video production company for all our Dirty Taco and Tequila and personal video needs (my son and daughter-in-laws engagement and wedding). He’s also become a friend. He’s quirky, funny and an awesome guy.

Ryan from Foodie Card 2/18/2019

Incredible talent run by an incredible guy. Couldn’t recommend them more!